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Thu, Jan. 19th, 2006, 06:50 pm
senior year

someday i will pay attention to a lecture. that day is not today. i hope the sound of my typing is not annoying the prof as he discusses his start in business selling nylons door to door.

it isn't about the prof, or the lecture material. i am just completely incapable of absorbing lectures. it just isn't how i learn. i learn by sitting down by myself, and reading, and applying, and voila. it's how my grades are so high, despite never listening to lectures. thank gourd i have a laptop with wireless access, or i would not even be able to sit in this room for the whole three hours.

and, i am so tired of talking about dell. every business class i have taken so far has been about 60% about dell. or walmart. yes, i know that they completely re-engineered supply chain management, but seriously? must we talk about them in e-comm, law, marketing, entrepeneurial behaviour, accounting and IT? ALL of them? would the operations management or supply chain management classes not be enough? gah.

no more dell. i say as i type speedily away on my dell inspiron.

i want to go home and time shift the OC. marissa is back at harbour! yes!

tomorrow night we are going to D's parents house. i am setting up her dad's new ipod and showing him how to use it. i love them so much.

it's totally amazing how much they have changed my life. i would not even be in school if it weren't for them telling me i should and could. they were the first people i told about my transition. they were the first people we told about getting married. they will be the first people we tell someday about having a baby. D's mom tells me how smart i am, and capable, and competent, and wonderful i am about 18 times a week. it does wonders for the self esteem. i think i am mostly an entirely re-built human being because of her. everything crappy that i was ever told about myself has been undone, little by little, by her positivity. she is like the magic eraser of trauma.

i shudder to think where i would be had she not come into my life. and stayed. shit, i probably talk about her as much as ryerson profs talk about dell. dammit.

Sat, Sep. 6th, 2003, 05:24 pm
Dear people on friends list. Please ignore this post.

in my tighties

Can't talk. Eating. Come back later.

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